Sticky Fingers

We craft premium E-Juice from the ground up. We source the best flavours available on the market to develop a quality product
with a high flavour release and a smooth inhale/exhale. Our Vegetable Glycerin is Organic & Palm Oil Free providing a cleaner end result.
Lifting the bar in the Australian Vaping Industry, we intend to keep bringing you the freshest and most innovative flavors we can develop.
Sticky Fingers is a lifestyle and we intend to live it. Do you?

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Banana Ice Cream

A bowl of straight up, Banana flavoured ice cream. Delicious, Creamy and Refreshing. This one will h..


Blue Titanic

Clear your lungs with a fresh icy BLAST of Blueberries, Grapes and other yummy things. Not for the f..


Bula Boso

Inspired by our brothers in the South Pacific, Fiji. Smooth, fresh and creamy, this one tastes like ..


Cali Cola

A glass of refreshing Cola. Inspired by the streets of California. This is ADV material. A perfect C..


Cherry Cali Cola

The newest addition to the Sticky Fingers Family. We took the original Cali Cola back to t..


Granny Smith

The Sticky Fingers team’s favourite E Juice, it took us months to get this one right, and it paid of..


Purple Haze

A trip back to the 60’s through a rainbow wormhole. You just touched down in the midst of Woodstock...